Gallery of People and Pet Portraits

Welcome to my gallery of custom portrait paintings where you can view examples of original commissioned portraits done for past clients. Learn how to commission a portrait.

AFTER INDIA, 18x24-in, Acrylic, Private Collection

MICHELLE AND BODHI, 18x24-in, Acrylic, Commission

ARLO, 16x20-in, Oil, Commission

MONA AND CALLA, 16x20-in, Oil, Commission

DAGGETT, 11x14-in, Oil, Commission

DAVID, CENTRAL PARK, 20x24-in, Oil, Private Collection

PAX, 11x14-in, Acrylic, Commission

MELINDA, 18x24-in, Oil, Commission

AFTER CHARLESTON, 11x14-in, Oil and Gold Leaf, Private Collection

SJ, 8x10-in, Acrylic, Commission

ROSCOE, 8x10-in, Acrylic, Commission

DOREEN'S BLUES, 18x24-in, Acrylic, Private Collection

SADIE, 11x14-in, Oil, Private Collection

ELSIE, 11x14-in, Acrylic, Commission

LOUISE, 20x24-in, Acrylic, Commission

SELF PORTRAIT, 16x20-in, Acrylic, Private Collection